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Everyone knows me as Lulu aka Lulu Designz. Well I changed my name to Vampire Designz, and I been writing tutorials and making tags, I even tried to make kits but don’t like it, so here I am writing to you all cause. We have an issue. A couple of months ago I had a 4shared account that I was uploading my purchases to. Why did I do that? Well I didn’t have a external hard drive, well I didn’t know what was an external was. And sorry I didn’t know how to use 4 shared that much and didn’t private it. So guess what some1 got my account and shared it. I didn’t know that was happening because I didn’t know what the numbers meant. Until I get a email from a couple designers, abusing me and threaten me on a level that I was not meant to. I know now that sharing stuff that is not allowed. So if you come to my house I won’t share water with you. Why I am writing this? Well guess what I have a step sister well really she is a half sister that I have, but we share our differences. You know how things are with your family so you understand; I do care for her though. My Sister just came out to design in the light, meaning she started to create kits and cu stuff etc etc. And she was selling at stores, until some1 linked me and her together.
This is what I’m coming out to tell you a little about my half sister.
When my father died, He left me and my sister and my Brother a house (3 family house) and 150 k each. I decide to go my own way and so did every1 else. But guess what I been married twice and divorced twice, so here I am living in the house. My half sister is living in the house too. So if we have the same address that is why, I live on the second floor and she lives on the first. And my brother rented the other apartment. I and she get along at times, but not always. My kids don’t play with her kids. Also we share some bills together, why we do this so it wouldn’t be hard on 2 single mothers trying to support their kids. So if we have a same or similar ip addys is because we have the same DSL service, same cable service and same water and gas service. Even house phone service is the same. So that’s %^%%$!!!!!
This morning I get a call from my half sister, She was all upset saying that my troubles from my past is getting her kicked out of stores, and that she was on the verged of cutting the DSL service off. (I will die). Also she told me that there is a designer or some1 going around to her stores saying she is the same person. Omg yeah rite. And that the stuff she got of cu is stolen and she doesn’t have receipts. Well I don’t have all my receipts to all the stuff I brought over 5 years ago. Do you? Do I go and buy a kit and ask you where Is your receipt for that element? Or is that CU item you are using? NO!!!! No tagger no1 asks for that. So here I am telling you what I think of you guys that want to create drama for some1 that just started. Just leave her alone. If you have her on Facebook be her friend don’t be a enemy. No1 deserves to be treated the way you guys are treating her.
Please if have something to say come to me email me and tell me off. I can take it but don’t do It to my sister she doesn’t deserve that. If you think I’m right well go to her and tell her that you’re her friend. Make her happy. She is having a rough time right now. She doesn’t have any money to buy her kids toys for Christmas; she doesn’t have a love one. She is all alone and then you come and break her only love she has, How Rude. All I have to say is Thank you to all the designers that are her friend and standing by her. And Happy Holidays.
When I get back to the States I will continue my journey to help my sister,
If you think im joking or think this is bullshit,
I want you to call me and tell me it to my face.

Here is my personal email:
My blog is
And for you that don’t know who my sister is
Her name is Cari Jaime aka Black Widow Creationz
And her blog is
And store owners that have kicked my sister out, too bad it’s your lost,
Those stores that kicked out my sister was HeartBeatz Designz, Glam & Glitter and Dazzling Store
And Happy Holidays all. And Happy New Year’s
If you’re a friend and think this is right plz forward this to all groups

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